Central Coast Power Services is dedicated to helping Customers:

Save Money On Energy Costs

Customized solutions to increase energy efficiencies that save you money!

Increase Electrical Reliability

Keeping power to the important pieces of your life like life safety systems, pumps, refrigerators, computers and more!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Maximizing the energy you produce and recycling it to your advantage!


Whether it's an emergency, or you want to find out more-

2016 has some great tax incentives for SOLAR and ELECTRIC VEHICLE charging station Installations!

Find out more by clicking the LINK below!

30% TAX Incentive to Install SOLAR POWER!!! Take advantage of the tax incentives while saving money and reducing your carbon footprint!

Every day you don't run on solar power you lose money. Central Coast Power Services has one goal- to serve you, the customer.  We believe our m

Be one of the FIRST to have an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

QUICK FACTS There are only around 20 charging stations in the Paso Robles Area! 55% of electric vehicle owners are between 36 and 55 years